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Industrial Building

What to Consider

Legislation in the form of the European Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the UK Governments Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme which seek to reduce carbon emissions from buildings, means that the primary focus of building designers and specifiers alike is to ensure the energy-efficient performance of both the fabric of the building as well as the services within the building.

The Energy-related Products Directive (ErP) further encourages good product design, the use of recyclable materials in production and the need to eradicate product features that needlessly consume energy.

At Clyde, we focus on designing and delivering products that not only meet the modern demands of any commercial and industrial building but also adopt a holistic approach where the focus is on economic savings, reduction in carbon footprint throughout the supply chain, as well as on products which are easily controlled and meet the design aspirations of the space.

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Whilst radiators have been primarily associated with residential developments and replacement domestic heating systems, radiators still provide a viable option for architects, developers, and specifiers in the industrial office sector. For larger warehouses, we recommend our Clyde radiant panels.

At Clyde, we also appreciate that installation timeframes within industrial developments are paramount and therefore ensuring the on-time delivery, in full and in-line with installation and build timescales are vital.

Our dedicated and experienced team of technical advisors and estimators are happy to work with you to develop and deliver on the detailed needs and considerations of your project specification.

Steel Panel Radiators

When considering industrial developments, we appreciate that no two projects are alike, and therefore the range and sizing solutions are key. Our range of Clyde Panel Radiators are often the heat emitter of choice, our Flat and Linear Panel Radiators meet many of the design considerations for specifiers and contractors, including;

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  1. Vast and versatile range of sizes and options

  2. Small volumes of warm water to operate efficiently

  3. Work effectively with a variety of heat sources

  4. Immediate thermal performance

  5. Convectors and Radiator Types to support thermal and space efficiency

  6. Flexible connection options to support varying pipework connections

  7. Supporting Thermostatic Valves (TRV’s) for ease of control and comfort

  8. Efficient and cost-effective installation

Clyde's Radiant Panel

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For larger industrial spaces such as warehouses, retail spaces, supermarkets, or industrial units Clyde’s range of radiant panels provides a suitable alternative where floor or wall space may be at a premium.

With an increasing number of the population suffering from allergies, heating solutions that avoid recycled or forced air is critical. Ensuring both the thermal output and a stable ambient temperature are vital to the health and well-being of those working or within the space.

Clyde radiant panels are used to heat rooms with a height of 3 to 30 meters and heat the space from above.


Clyde radiant panels present an excellent alternative to forced air systems and can be installed as suspended panels within a ceiling out of reach from end-users. By comparison, radiant panels can be installed in underutilized ceiling space and provide a cost-efficient solution to heat large spaces or offices with high ceilings.

Clyde radiant panels give off 70 to 80% of their heat in the form of heat radiation. The remaining heat is released into the air around the panels by means of convection. The heat radiation from Clyde radiant panels is only converted into thermal energy when it hits an object or person.

Clyde radiant panels are made of 1 mm thick aluminium sheeting, which is folded at the edges for extra stability and heat insulation. The height of the panels is 45 mm. Inside the panels, there are precision rolled steel tubes, 1 inch thick (DIN 2440). These are placed in specially engineered trenches so that they are as close as possible to the radiant panels. This results in highly effective heat transfer and therefore excellent and efficient heat output.

To find out more about Clyde’s range heating solution contact us on 01342 305550 or via email or why not click on one of the product options below.

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