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Clyde is a brand of IRSAP, Italy’s leading manufacturer of design-led radiators. With over 50 years of experience, we have the expertise as a manufacturer to produce the best in quality and customer service, to suit any residential or commercial specification.

Clyde provides bespoke solutions for LSTs, Trench heating, Cast Iron, Multi Column and Aluminium radiators as well as a range of Compact Panel Radiators and a selection of radiator valves. With a wide range of traditional and contemporary radiators, Clyde's solution-based approach is designed to ensure we supply the ideal specification for all commercial and residential requirements.


Some of our applications include healthcare and educational environments as well as the development and renovation of both commercial and residential buildings, for more information on our applications please visit our Applications page.

Our dedicated team of technical advisors and estimators will discuss your installation including the calculation of your heat output requirements (from drawings and specifications where required), arrange a full quotation based on your exact project specifications and provide clearly defined lead times in line with your project timescales. They can also arrange a site visit or meeting from a member of our National Sales Network if required, to review your project and support with the draft specification or tender process.

For more information about Clyde, your project or any of our products, please contact our customer service department: 01342 305550

As a long-established brand, Clyde has benefitted from IRSAP’s experience and expertise in the radiator industry, as well as being a manufacturer Clyde has a dedicated focus on a merchant strategy, supporting the merchant market to deliver products and innovation into the commercial heating market.

Clyde’s National Sales Network works with their merchant partners to promote whole project radiator solutions to M&E Specifiers, Contractors and Architects for commercial properties, government buildings, education, and healthcare facilities.


Clyde is also proud to be a member of MARC (the Manufacturers Association of Radiators and Convectors), which works in partnership with Energy Utilities Alliance to ensure industry compliance, improved industry standards and a focus on the specific needs and issues faced by, manufacturers and distributors of radiators with factories in the UK and/or Europe.


Technical Documents

Full technical information for all our radiator solutions is available online in a downloadable format and if required, can be requested in a printed format via the Contact Us page.


A Selection of Our Merchant Partners

Clyde Radiators partners with a national network of plumbing and heating merchants, to support local applications and projects throughout the UK. For more information on some of our partners and their locations, please view our ‘Where to Buy’ page.



We can assist with the specification of your project including; commercial properties, government buildings, education and healthcare. Calculating heat outputs, from drawings if available, product selection and scheduling deliveries to suit.

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