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Every project has its own unique requirements. At Clyde, our aim is to work with you, to create and deliver the perfect solution. Combining our knowledge and experience with innovative products, we seek to provide a unique, cost-effective proposal, designed to deliver optimum efficiency on specification, on time and on budget.


We can assist with the specification of your projects including commercial properties, government buildings, education, and healthcare. Our dedicated team of technical advisors and estimators are available to discuss the specific needs of the project and can help calculate heat outputs, from drawings and specifications as well as arrange a full quotation based on your exact project and scheduling requirements.


To contact the team call us on 01342 305550 or email at


If you know what you need, complete the quick quote form adjacent. Alternatively, should you wish to provide more detail or request a detailed quote, you can download our "Specification Request Form” below and return it via email to with any other supporting documents, where our team will then contact you to discuss and quote to your exact specification.

If require upload any drawings, plans, Scheduled etc.

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