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When working to a specification with multiple radiators and locations why not provide your project specification to our dedicated team of technical advisors and estimators who will discuss your installation including the calculation of your heat output requirements.


Furthermore, our team will arrange a full quotation based on your exact project specifications and provide lead times in line with your project timescales via one of our merchant partners.


We will be happy to arrange a site visit or meeting from a member of our National Sales Network, to review the project and support with the draft specification and/or quote if required.


To supply your specification, please go to our Quote page, complete your contact details, and upload your specification (using the upload file function) where a member of the team will then contact you to discuss your needs in full.

Should you however require an immediate indication of your heat output requirements, enter your room details below, to find the desired heat output by room.


Please note, this is a guide only. A radiator with insufficient output may never raise the temperature to that required. Outdoor temperatures, external walls, insulation, heated adjacent rooms (i.e. above, below and to the side) will all contribute to the heat loss and room temperature.

The boiler should be sufficient to supply all connected radiators to the sum of their maximum demand.

Step 1 Enter Room information
Step 2 Enter Room Dimensions

Please select whether like to provide the room dimensions in meters or feet

Calculate Requirement

Require BTU's

Heading 6
Heading 6
Heading 6
Heading 6
Heading 6
Your Calculation Result

This result is shown as a range to compensate for unknown factors such as external temperatures and levels of insulation in your home. We recommend the combined heat output of all the radiators in your room meets the higher end of this result to ensure your room is heated efficiently.

Required Watts
Require BTU's
(Δt 50°C)
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