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What to Consider

For those in the leisure and hospitality sector, heating can account for up to 40% of the buildings energy use, and therefore when considering a new heating system or the refurbishment of an existing heating system, there are a number of key considerations with both economic and environmental efficiencies being at the forefront of any design.

With mounting energy prices and increasing demands in the form of legislation to reduce carbon emissions, selecting the right heat emitter is vital, moreover, considerations around guests' and patrons’ comfort, control and safety are integral design considerations.

As leisure and hospitality professionals appreciate, energy costs can be reduced by maintaining appropriate temperatures, ensuring that heating equipment and controls are operated and managed correctly, doors are sealed, the use of thermostatic valves, energy-saving bulbs, and plug timers (switching off appliances when not in use), as well as servicing your boiler or heat source regularly and replacing of single glazed or outdated windows where possible can all generate economic and environmental savings.  

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In addition, alternative heat sources, be those renewable, i.e. solar, geothermal, ground or air source heat pumps work with a variety of heat emitter types and although more expensive to install (in terms of upfront costs) can provide ongoing operational savings. Clyde radiators as a choice of heat emitter are versatile and can work with a range of heat sources.

At Clyde we appreciate that heating a leisure or hospitality building to suit everyone’s needs can be difficult, however, client satisfaction is essential, and although air-conditioning is often the first heat emitter considered, forced and recycled air often causes Managers and Owners problems such as noise nuisance, allergy aggravation, and lack of client control or comfort.

We pride ourselves on providing flexible and versatile solutions for the hospitality and leisure industry, we appreciate that when servicing this industry, the needs and requirements vary by environment and therefore flexibility is key.

We also appreciate that part of the leisure and hospitality industry is the experience that patrons have within the environment, and therefore style and design play a critical part in your brand experience. For building designers, architects and specifiers, radiators provide the ideal solution to the overall style, design, and experience objectives.

At Clyde, our range of Steel Multi Column, Aluminium, Cast Iron and Steel Panel radiators are available in a range of finishes to complement any interior styling. Radiators rather than just being mechanical and functional products, provide a feature and focal point adding to the overall look and feel of the space.

All too often radiators are installed with radiators covers, this may be for styling reasons, or to protect the fabric of the interior or for health and safety reasons however it is well documented that radiator covers by design, reduce air circulation, in turn reducing heat output and therefore drive up energy costs.

When considering the leisure and hospitality sector, we appreciate that no two projects are alike, and therefore the range and sizing solutions are key. To help with your leisure and hospitality heating system, our dedicated and experienced team of technical advisors and estimators are happy to work with you to develop and deliver on the detailed needs and considerations of your project specification.

Steel Multi Column

Our range of Clyde Steel Multi Column radiators are often the heat emitter of choice, our Tesi Radiators available in both hydronic and electric versions meet many of the design considerations for specifiers and contractors, including:

  1. Available in both Hydronic and electric versions

  2. Steel multi column radiators are lighter than some of their counterparts

  3. Horizontal and vertical configurations in 2-6 column depths, meaning huge flexibility of sizes

  4. Italian manufacture and design 

  5. A vast array of colour and finish options

  6. Flexible mounting options (both wall and floor mounted)

  7. Column Radiators suit a variety of interior designs from modern to traditional

  8. As a sectional product, Steel Multi Column radiators provide flexible sizing options

  9. An efficient and cost-effective installation

Aluminium Radiators


Alongside our Steel multi column radiators, our Clyde Aluminium radiators are often considered and utilised in the new build sector. Aluminium as a material has several benefits over steel.

  1. Aluminium radiators are made from recycled materials

  2. Aluminium radiators are lightweight and ideally suited for stud walls

  3. Due to the natural properties of Aluminium, aluminium radiators work more effectively with renewable energy sources

  4. Aluminium radiators are low water content, and therefore are often cheaper to operate

  5. Aluminium radiators are energy efficient and heat up quickly

  6. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat with exceptional thermal performance

  7. Aluminium radiators are an excellent choice for renewable heat sources.

In large leisure and hospitality environments such as communal spaces, glass atriums, receptions or where space is a premium, Clyde’s Trench & Radiant Panel solutions are also worthwhile considerations.


To find out more about Clyde’s range of heating solutions, contact us on 01342 305550 or via email or why not click on one of the product options below.

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