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What to Consider

New build residential construction standards are not only driven by Government and Legislation but the increasing and varying demands of consumers. With increasing international pressures on carbon footprint and emissions as well as the UK’s 2050 carbon-neutral target, the energy efficiency of new build residential housing is paramount and heat emitters are a core consideration in any new build project.

At Clyde, we recognise that for specifiers and housebuilders alike responding to these changing needs in a cost-efficient way is fundamental and furthermore as industry specialists, innovation into new technologies, such as low-temperature heating and high-efficiency performance, are our highest priority.

Supporting the construction industry, Clyde look to develop radiators that work well with renewable technologies and alternate heat sources whilst still delivering on design, thermal performance, and ease of installation as well as ongoing operating cost and efficiencies.

Radiators historically have been considered less efficient in new build properties than other heat emitters however due to the introduction of modern insulation materials and improved building standards, which deliver significant reductions in heat losses, it is, therefore, no longer be necessary to heat water to 80°C in order to achieve a room temperature of 20°C.

A property with, a high-efficiency heat source, steel radiators and water at 40°C- 50°C uses less energy and will quickly achieve a room temperature of 20°C.

At Clyde we pride ourselves on providing flexible and versatile solutions for the new build residential industry, we appreciate that when servicing this industry, the needs and requirements vary by project and therefore flexibility is key.

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Our dedicated and experienced team of technical advisors and estimators are happy to work with you to develop and deliver on the detailed needs and considerations of your project specification.

When considering new build developments, we appreciate that no two projects are alike, and therefore the range and sizing solutions are key. Our range of Clyde Panel Radiators are often the heat emitter of choice, our Flat and Linear Panel Radiators meet many of the design considerations for specifiers and contractors, including:

  1. Vast and versatile range of sizes and design options

  2. Small volumes of warm water to operate efficiently

  3. Work effectively with a variety of heat sources

  4. Convectors and Radiator Types to support thermal and space efficiency

  5. Flexible connection options to support varying pipework connections

  6. Thermostatic Valves (TRVs) for ease of control and comfort

  7. Efficient and cost-effective installation


Clyde Panel Radiators also work effectively alongside underfloor heating, and it is possible to use the same heating water for both. The latest SAP 2012 document has specific criteria for energy-efficient low-temperature heat generators and states that radiators are as efficient as other heat emission systems, such as underfloor heating.

Alongside our Panel Radiators, our Clyde Aluminium radiators are often considered and utilised in the new build sector. Aluminium as a material has several benefits over steel.

  1. Aluminium radiators are made from recycled materials

  2. Aluminium radiators are lightweight and ideally suited for stud walls

  3. Due to the natural properties of Aluminium, aluminium radiators work more effectively with renewable energy sources

  4. As a sectional product, Aluminium radiators provide flexible sizing options

  5. Aluminium radiators are low water content, and therefore are often cheaper to operate

  6. Aluminium radiators are energy efficient and heat up very quickly

  7. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat with exceptional thermal performance

  8. Like Steel panels, they offer an efficient and cost-effective installation


To find out more about Clyde’s range of Panel and Aluminium Radiators contact us on 01342 305550 or via email or why not click on one of the product options below.


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